Urgent: Second WCPSS Eclipse Permission Form Coming Home

Dear Parents,

I was just notified this morning that WCPSS is requiring that the parents of all students who want to participate in a solar eclipse viewing party sign an additional “Waiver of Liability” document. This is in addition to the parent permission letter that you already signed.

You can find the additional form here


I will also be sending home a printed copy with your child today.

A few additional details:

This form requires the signature of a witness, too. That means you need to sign it in front of someone outside of your family. Consider bringing it to work and signing it in front of a colleague, stopping the mailman and asking him to watch you sign it, or finding a neighbor and getting them to witness your signature. You can even stop by school and have someone in the front office witness your signature. Heck, if you need me to, I’ll meet you in the carpool line to witness your signature! Just let me know that you’ll need me.

Forms without the signature of a witness won’t be accepted, though. That’s a directive from WCPSS leadership.

There is a photo/video release form on the back of the page, too. Mrs. Hofmann has invited the news to our viewing party. They will be taking pictures and possibly video. Please indicate on the back of the form being sent home today whether or not pictures of your child can be used by the news media or by WCPSS in any reporting about our event.

I apologize for the confusion around parent permissions. The decision to require this new “waiver of liability” document was just made by WCPSS’s senior level leadership. Until this morning, we were under the impression that our previous permission slips were enough.

Please email me at wferriter@wcpss.net or text me at 919-622-3625 if you have any questions.

Be well,

Bill Ferriter