LA Update

Happy Friday, Gnomes! I try to send a quick update from language arts each Friday to let you know where we’ve been this week and where we are headed. So- what a wonderful week! I have commented on my love for this group more than once this week. They have made a great first impression, for sure.

We spent a bit of our time this week getting set-up for language arts class. I introduced the “40” Book Challenge. I was quick to help the kids realize that this number (40) may change for them depending on their current reading habits. I encouraged them to make their own attainable goal this year, with an strong emphasis on becoming a stronger reader. My goal is to simply help them love reading! We will use the back of the ILL as a readers notebook where they will keep their reading log, book notes, recommendations, etc.

In addition, students did a fantastic job introducing themselves and their classmates to our class using the Swag Bag assignment. We learned about and discussed what it means to be an active listener. This is something we will return to constantly throughout the school year. I asked them to observe their parents’ listening skills, so watch out, but feel free to call them out as well. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I can’t wait to continue to watch your students grow. It’s going to be a great year!

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts