Update on Science EOG Exam.

Dear Parents,

Your children completed the science end of grade exam today in class. The VAST majority of the students that I had in class today felt really confident about their performance — so that’s good news!

I’m not exactly sure how scores will be reported, but I THINK your students will get a percentage score for the science and social studies exams and I think we will be sending those scores home at some point next week.

That’s similar to how grades have worked on our team all year long, but very different from how performance on Language Arts and Math end of grade exams are reported. A percentage tells you how your student did against this year’s version of the exam. The scale scores (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) that you receive for Language Arts and Math end of grade exams are drawn from ranges that are determined based on the average performance of students who have taken the test in previous years.

In many ways, I think reporting percentages alone can be deceptive. For example, a child that is used to making all As in class might feel really bad about earning an 83 on the science EOG because it is a lower mark than they are used to earning. But if the statewide average on the exam is a 63 and the county average on the exam is a 66 — which was the case the last time that Wake County gave the sixth grade science end of grade exam — an 83 would actually be a great grade.

To better understand your child’s performance on this year’s science exam, I will share as much information with you as I can. That way, you will get a better sense of how your child’s performance fits in as compared to other sixth grade students taking the same exam.

And to better understand your child’s performance in science this year, I’d encourage you to look at more than just their end of grade exam scores!

They’ve earned dozens and dozens of grades, completed dozens and dozens of assignments, and taken a bunch of quizzes and tests on the content in our required curriculum. All of those individual marks are just as important in making an informed decision about how will your child is mastering sixth grade science content.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter