End of Grade Exams Start Next Week / Are Your Kids Studying?

Dear Parents,

A quick reminder that end of grade exams start next week. Monday is the language arts test. Tuesday is the Math test. Wednesday is the Social Studies test and Thursday is the Science test. Please remind your children to spend time practicing this week for their exams. Extra review can help your child to feel more prepared on the day of the test — and feeling prepared is a good feeling.

For science, the best way to study is to practice with Brainpop videos. Your children have a list of all of the videos connected to our curriculum in Google Classroom. Students can also use the practice test posted in Socrative, the Quizlets that we’ve used to study vocabulary all year long, our online textbook in Discovery Education and/or the paper vocabulary review packets that went home on Friday to review.

Two more things: Please be sure that your child comes to school next week with two sharpened #2 pencils to use on the exams and please be sure that your child gets a good night sleep and eats a good breakfast before the exams. All of those things are simple ways to make sure that they are physically and mentally prepared for the grind that is a week full of testing.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter