Science Extra Credit, Grades, and EOG Exam Updates

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that students can turn in extra credit tomorrow to raise grades in science class. Any score below an 80 can be raised up to an 80. This may be the last time to turn in extra credit this quarter, so please be sure your kids take advantage of it if they have an average that you are disappointed with.

The best way to do extra credit is to find a Brainpop video connected to the topic of the assignment that they are trying to raise. For example, if your child had a low grade on their matter test, they can do a Brainpop video related to matter, take the quiz for the video, and complete one of the activities for the video. Quiz scores that are an 80 or higher are worth 3 points and activities that are completed accurately are worth 7 points.

Also, please know that our science grades are close to complete. We are likely to have one or two more practice tasks related to our space unit — but those tasks will do little to change your child’s overall average in class. So if you check your child’s grades in Powerschools now, you will get a pretty accurate picture of what their fourth quarter average is likely to be. Missing work will be accepted until June 19th.

Finally, please continue to encourage your child to spend 20 minutes per day studying for their science EOG exam. The test is probably the hardest EOG exam that they will take because it is mostly a remembering test — and students are expected to remember content covered over the course of the entire school year.

The best way to study for the test is to watch 2 Brainpop videos per night, take the quizzes associated with those videos, and complete one activity for each video. Brainpop videos do a nice job covering the biggest concepts in the required curriculum in short, semi-entertaining videos. Brainpop also creates a record of the concepts that students have mastered and the concepts that they are still struggling with. Students can find a list of all of the videos in Brainpop that are connected to our curriculum and sorted by unit posted in Google Classroom.

If students don’t want to use Brainpop to study, there is a practice test posted in Socrative, there are Quizlets (vocabulary practice activities) for every unit posted in Google Classroom, there are individual lessons posted by unit in Discovery Education, there was a vocabulary review sheet passed out in class on paper, and students can write review questions for our end of the year Quiz Bowl. All of those study tools can be helpful too.

To make this studying possible, I am not sending any homework home between now and the EOG exam. All required work for our ongoing unit will be completed during class time. Also, if students don’t have time to study at home, they can study during Spartan Time here at school.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter