Science Update / Extra Credit Available

Dear Parents,

Here’s what’s happening in science:

Finishing our energy unit: We spent this week talking about sound and light waves and how they transfer energy from one place to another. We also started talking about how heat energy transfers between objects of different temperatures. We will finish talking about heat on Monday and that will mark the end of our heat unit. There will be no unit test for energy simply because we need as many days of class time as possible to work through our Space unit.

Starting our space unit: We will spend the last two weeks before EOG exams studying space. Our unit covers two big ideas. The first is how the earth, moon and sun work together to create things like seasons, phases of the moon and tides. There is also a quick review of how we get day/night and years. The second big idea in our space unit are the characteristics of habitable planets. We study each of the planets in the solar system — but through the lens of, “Why are these planets NOT able to support life?”

Extra credit available and being collected on Thursday: If your child is unsatisfied with his/her fourth quarter average, they can turn extra credit in on Thursday of next week. The easiest extra credit to do will be to complete Brainpop videos, quizzes and worksheets on topics from our matter, energy and space units. For every quiz that students score an 80 on in their FIRST attempt, I will add 3 points to a low grade. For every worksheet completed accurately, I will add 7 points to a low grade. You can find a list of all of the videos connected to the matter, energy and space units in our EOG review handout.

The key here is that students must score an 80 on the video quiz on their FIRST attempt. It’s not uncommon to see students take the quiz 3 or 4 times before earning an 80 and then asking for extra points. Instead, have your students watch the video 3 or 4 times before taking the quiz — and consider encouraging them to take notes and/or complete worksheets BEFORE taking the quizzes.

The goal for students doing extra credit is to prove that they’ve learned material that they originally struggled with. That’s a lot easier to do if they can show mastery on Brainpop quizzes the first time that they take the quiz.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter