Science Update / Studying for EOG Test?

Dear Parents,

First, here’s to hoping that your Memorial Day weekend was restful and relaxing!  I was at the pool for the whole weekend, so I’m heavily chlorinated (and caffinated!) this morning.

Second, here’s what’s happening in Science:

Continuing to move through our energy unit:  We are right at the end of our study of energy.  We have looked at the ways that light and sound travel — and at the ways that our eyes interpret light.  Today, we’ll be looking at how our ears interpret sound.  Then, we’ll spend a day or two talking about the way that heat travels and we’ll be at the end of energy!

Moving into a unit on Space:  Once we are done with energy, we’ll move into a study of space.  Specifically, we look at the earth – moon – sun system (things like tides, day/night, seasons) and the characteristics of habitable planets.  There are tons of cool things to study during our space unit given all the space exploration going on right now — so the kids really dig this unit.

Studying for EOG test:  Are your kids spending 20 minutes a night studying for their science EOG?  If not, they should be!  The EOG science exam is really challenging because it is nothing more than 35 isolated facts from across the entire year’s worth of studying.  The best way to study is for students to watch two Brainpop videos, take two Brainpop quizzes and do two Brainpop worksheets every single night between now and the exam.  There is a tracking sheet listing all of the videos connected to our curriculum currently posted in Google Classroom.  I’ve been reminding students to do this every day during class.

A quick reminder:  You can also learn more about what we are studying by checking out this site — where I’ve been sharing short ( > 2 minutes) videos about our content and our curriculum almost every day.  You can also have your kids watch these videos for review.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter