Science Update / Are Your Kids Studying for the EOG?

Dear Parents,

Just a quick update on Science happenings:

Pushing through light, sound and heat: Our current unit covers the way that energy travels. We explicitly study light, sound and heat. Right now, we are nearing the end of our study of light. Your students should be able to tell you all about how color works, what happens to light when it enters a new medium, and what the parts of a light wave are. We will be moving into a study of sound today and tomorrow and we will finish with a study of heat early next week.

Lots of demonstrations/questions available online: I’ve been posting 2 minute videos covering the topics we are studying in class each day on Twitter. Those videos are also cross posted online on this blog. Consider checking it out — or having your child check it out — on a regular basis. It’s a great way to review topics that we are reviewing in class.

Grades posted: There are a TON of new science grades posted in Powerschools. Be sure to check those out. There are tons of missing assignments right now that are having a negative influence on grades.

Studying for EOG exam: PLEASE don’t forget that your child should be spending 20 minutes EVERY night studying for their end of grade exam. The best way to study is to use Brainpop. Every student has their own copy of this handout, detailing all of the videos that are connected to our curriculum. I’d recommend that students watch two of those videos — starting with the topics they are the least familiar with — every night, take the “review quizzes” associated with those videos, and complete one of the “activities.” If you want your child to do additional studying, they can use our science textbook — which is found in Discovery Ed