Do You Want to Help Your Child Prepare for the End of Grade Science Exam?

Dear Parents,

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it yet or not, but your kids have an end of grade exam in science this year.

It’s actually a REALLY tough test because it is 35 multiple choice, fact-based questions that cover content from the entire year.  That’s awful tough to prepare for.  Heck — even in college, when fact driven tests were a regular part of our lives, we only had to remember facts from one semester.  And we were 20 years old!  Your twelve year olds will have to remember content going all the way back to July 27th.

By far, the BEST way for your child to study is to use Brainpop — the online service that has short (2-5 minute) videos about darn near every topic in our required curriculum.  The videos do a great job of reviewing key concepts and essential vocabulary — just the kind of stuff found on our end of grade exams.

To help kids do this preparation work, I’ll be sharing this handout with them tomorrow in Google Classroom.  It lists every video related to every topic that we’ve studied this year and includes places to record quiz scores and lessons learned from each video.

While I am not requiring kids to do this work, I hope that you will at home!

It will be the only significant work assigned between now and the end of the year.  I’d recommend that you require your child to watch two videos per day, complete the quizzes for both videos, and  — if they have the time — to complete one of the activities related to the video.  Students can also do this work in my room during Spartan Time each day.

Doing so will really help your kids to be prepared for the end of grade exam.

Thanks for your help with this,

Bill Ferriter