Science Update / Quiz Friday

Dear Parents,

First, here’s to hoping that this email finds you well and happy! I’m freezing, quite frankly: The AC has been on "eleven" all week. The school knows — so hopefully things will warm up over the next few days.

Here’s what’s happening in Science:

We are continuing with our study of matter. Specifically, we are looking at the ways that matter is measured. Students have been calculating the density of different objects by first figuring out the mass and volume of those objects. They have also been learning about characteristic properties of matter — things like boiling point, melting point, density that never change regardless of the amount of matter present. The point for this section of our unit is that scientists take specific steps when trying to identify unknown substances.

We will move into a quick study of solubility. Solubility means "the ability to be dissolved," and it is another characteristic property of matter. We’ll be looking at how different substances — salt, sugar, baking powder, corn starch — react when mixed with water. Throughout, students will be practicing with several tricky vocabulary words.

There is a Vocabulary Quiz on Friday. Speaking of vocabulary, there will be a quiz on Friday. Students will practice for the quiz in class on Tuesday and have a complete list of words and definitions that they can use to study from. They can also use our Quizlet — which is already posted in Google Classroom — to study. While I’m not a huge fan of straight vocabulary quizzes, in science, they matter. (See what I did there!) Knowing the vocabulary words in my class is a lot like knowing the vocabulary words in a foreign language class. You’ll be a heck of a lot more fluent if you know the language.

Hope this helps. Lemme know if you have any questions.

Looking forward,

Bill Ferriter