Science Supplies Needed – Solubility Activity

Dear Parents,

Over the past week, we’ve been studying the characteristic properties of matter in science class. Those are properties that scientists use to identify unknown substances because they don’t change no matter how much of a substance that you have.

One of those properties is solubility — the amount of a substance that will dissolve into water.

To illustrate the role that solubility can play in identifying unknown substances, I’d like to do a hands on activity in class using sugar, salt and baking powder. To pull that off, I’ll need a few simple supplies from the baking aisle of the grocery store.

If you think you can pick something up for us between now and Monday or Tuesday of next week, I’d REALLY appreciate it.

Here’s the Signup Genius:

Thanks in advance for your help with this kind of stuff. I always feel horrible asking — but there’s no money in our school budget for consumables and my personal budget is completely tapped out!

Be well,

Bill Ferriter