Using Goosechase on our Upcoming Field Trip

Dear Parents,

On our upcoming scavenger hunt to Bond Park, students and teams will have the opportunity to upload pictures and short (15 second max) videos to a scavenger hunt app called Goosechase.

Here’s a short introduction to finding games and uploading content in Goosechase.

While using Goosechase on our field trip is not required, I’d love it if we had as many people as possible using Goosechase on our field trip only because the app makes it really easy for me to create a "story" full of the pictures and videos that kids make while on the trip. That might become a fun memory of the day that we can share later during the year.

If your child has a device and a data plan that you are willing to allow them to use for this, please print and return this permission slip to school.

Thanks a ton,

Bill Ferriter