Science Update

Dear Parents,

Just a quick update about happenings in science class:

Ecosystems Unit Test complete / Scores in PowerSchools: Our main goal this week was to prepare for our ecosystems unit test. We worked to review vocabulary in class, completed a study guide together, and took a practice test. Today, students are taking their actual test — and those grades will be entered in PowerSchools before the end of the day. Feel free to login and see how your child has done.

Extra Credit Opportunities Abound: There are a TON of different ways that students can earn extra credit to add to their averages. There are two mini experiments that involve plants, two extra Vocabulary Choice Board activities, a complete study guide for our current test, and a completed Ecosystems Unit Overview sheet. Students are aware of all of these tasks. They can generally be turned in one day a week during silent reading or independent work time in class. Officially, school policy states that extra credit can be done by students who make less than an 80 on assignments, but I oftentimes take it from all students simply to reward them for doing extra learning in class.

Moving on to our Matter Unit: On Monday in class, we will begin a study of matter. Specifically, we look at the structure of matter (atoms, elements, molecules, compounds, and mixtures), we look at the states of matter (solids, liquids and gasses), we look at how to measure and identify matter (volume, density, boiling point, solubility), and we look at the impact that heat has on matter. We will start with a pretest and a look at our new unit overview sheet on Monday.

Supplies Needed – Dissolving Lab: Towards the end of next week, we will be doing a lab to study solubility — or the ability to be dissolved. To pull that lab off, I’ll need a few supplies. If you an help, here’s a Signup Genius:

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter