Science Update

Dear Parents,

First, here’s to hoping that you are well and happy and coming off of a long weekend enjoying the fresh air outside! It was a beautiful weekend, that’s for sure.

Second, here are some science updates:

We are spending our day in class today working on remediation and enrichment tasks for our Mid Year Benchmark tests. Any students who earned a score that they are unhappy with can use their remediation work to raise their grades. And any students who do enrichment work can bank that work to raise poor scores that they earn in the future. We only have one day to do this work in school, though — so check with your child to see how far they’ve gotten and squeeze them if their remediation work isn’t completed.

We are beginning a study of photosynthesis and cellular respiration tomorrow. We will be using the Discovery Ed techbook to start this work. Students will learn how the annotation feature of the techbook works — which is actually pretty cool. All the annotations that kids make are saved permanently and linked back to the page in the text where the annotation was made. I want them to learn how to use this feature because they will have access to the techbook in every grade level moving forward.

We will finish our ecosystems unit HOPEFULLY by the end of next week. We just have to study the carbon cycle, the water cycle and the nitrogen cycle — which are concepts that kids generally have some familiarity with, so they don’t take long to review. Once we are done with those topics, we’ll be taking a test on the entire unit.

Don’t forget to check PowerSchools to get a sense for the grades that your students are making in my class. There are a ton of grades posted there for the third quarter.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter