Science Benchmark Scores in Powerschools

Dear Parents,

As you know, we took our mid year benchmark today. It is a good indicator of the progress that your kids are making at learning the content in the sixth grade curriculum. Those scores are currently posted in PowerSchools. I counted them as a Practice Task instead of as a Summative Task — which means it is weighted less than a typical test.

I was looking to see scores of at least 70 or above at this point in the year. If your child earned a 70 or above, I’m pretty convinced that they are making solid progress. Because there were only 25 questions, making highest marks was difficult.

We will be looking closely at the benchmark in the next few days. Students will be identifying the objectives that they struggling with by doing an item analysis on the test. Then, students will be given an activity to complete for review/remediation. Work done as review/remediation can be used to raise any scores that are lower than an 80.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter