Science Benchmark Test Tomorrow

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow, students will be taking a benchmark test in science class. This test covers all of the content that we have studied up until this point in the school year. The results will help your children to get a better sense for whether or not they are making progress towards being prepared for the sixth grade end of grade exam in science.

The hardest part of a benchmark is simple remembering: Content covered on the test is content that we started studying all the way back in July.

The best way to prepare for the test is for your children to:

1). Spend time reviewing their previous assignments — either in Google Drive or in their notebooks. Just reading over previous tasks can serve as a great refresher for the test.

2). Spend time practicing with the vocabulary Quizlets that are posted in Google Classroom. Vocabulary is often the stumbling block for students on any test in science.

I hope you will have your child study for 30-40 minutes tonight. Doing so will give them a much better chance of showing what they know on tomorrow’s test.

Thanks in advance,

Bill Ferriter