With Gratitude….

Dear Parents,

While the holidays can be a complete zoo in a middle school — try keeping kids focused when they know they are just a few hours from a five week vacation full of gifts and bowl games and family travel — it is also a time to pause and be grateful.

That’s what all of us — Mr. Sudlow, Mrs. Kotik, Mrs. Barrow and I — feel today. We are grateful for all of the kind words and candies and gift cards that you sent in for us, but more importantly, we are grateful for your kids.

They were awesome today. They laughed together and made each other smile. They clapped for each other. They ran and they played and they said thank you about a thousand times. Those are the moments that we crave as classroom teachers.

So thank you — for thinking of us, but more importantly, for sharing your kids with us!

Here’s to hoping that you have a restful and safe track out full of joy.

See you in a few weeks!


Mrs. Barrow, Mr. Sudlow, Mrs. Kotik and Mr. Ferriter