Science Update

Dear Parents,

First, here’s to hoping that you are well and happy and surviving the holiday grind! I love lights and shopping and family and stuff, but man — it is definitely a busy time!

Second, a few science updates:

1). Grades close for the second quarter in science on Thursday. Any students with missing work or reworks or extra credit has to get that all handled on Thursday during silent reading. Your child can check his/her grades by logging into Powerschools. If your child has forgotten their username/password, have them come and see me. I can reset those.

2). I will take extra credit from any student that is within 3 points of a letter grade split (67, 77 or 87). Students can use Brainpop videos and worksheets on topics that we have studied in class for extra credit. Students can also answer one of their daily wonder questions in two or three paragraphs for extra credit.

3). We have a test on the Lithosphere scheduled for either Friday of this week or Tuesday of next week. Either way, your students should spend some time studying at home. There are two vocabulary quizlets and a practice test posted in Google Classroom. We have also been studying in class. Today, students were supposed to make their own study guides with questions missed on a practice quiz that they took. That study guide should be in their Google Drives.

4). Grades for our test and for the soil work that your students just completed will be added to third quarter averages. While they will be graded in time to add to second quarter averages, there will not be enough time for students who score poorly to raise their grades. I think that’s unfair.

5). We will be starting our third unit of the year — on Ecosystems — as soon as we finish our Lithosphere unit test.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter