Science Update

Dear Moms and Dads,

First, here’s to hoping that you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend! I got stuck inside working on my house, but it was nice to have an extra day to get cracking on the Honey-Do list.

Here are a few updates from science class:

Finished with plate boundaries / Moving to earthquakes, rock types and soil: We just finished studying plate boundary types in class. During this study, your students should have learned a ton about the origin of earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes — which are all explained by the interactions of the earth’s crustal plates. We are moving on to a quick study of earthquakes, which are important to understand largely because what we know about the interior of the earth is largely a result of studying the way that earthquake waves travel through the earth. When we are done with earthquakes — probably Wednesday — we will be looking at the three main types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) and then studying the impact that soil has on our survival. This should all be done by the first of December if things go well!

Lots of new grades being posted today: Your kids have taken two quizzes and completed a Brainpop viewing guide in the past few days. All those grades will be added to Powerschools sometime today. For the most part, I think kids have done well on these tasks as a whole — although most students have a low grade on at least one of the four assignments. If your child scored less than an 80 on any of the assignments, they can do the Plate Tectonics Brainpop video AND one of the worksheets tied to the video AND the quiz tied to the video to raise their grades. Remind your kids, however, to take that work seriously. If they don’t score higher than an 80 on those tasks, I can’t raise their grades.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter