Lots of Missing Weekly Wonder Questions

Dear Parents,

Just a quick update: During the second quarter, I changed our "Daily Wonder Question" assignment to two "Weekly Wonder Questions." I did this because I wanted to collect all of the work digitally — it makes it easier to manage the paper — and I thought it was reasonable to ask students to get to a computer twice a week to complete a wonder question.

I just went through and gave students a completion grade for the first two weeks of questions. Any student with four finished questions earned a 100. Students with 3 finished questions earned a 75. Students with two finished questions earned a 50. Students with one finished question earned a 25.

I was surprised by the number of 50s and 25s that were earned!

Please check with your child to see if they have finished four Weekly Wonder Questions — and ask them each week whether or not they have tackled this repeating task. It’s a good responsibility check because it is an easy task that they are expected to complete weekly.

I will be grading the questions for quality later during the quarter.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter