Social Studies Update-10/28

Well, we had a great first week back! I was super impressed with how the students came back focused and ready to go!

In Social Studies this week, the students have been studying the fascinating topic of ancient Egypt. The students have been learning about their extremely long history, the pharaohs, hieroglyphics, mummies, and the Nile River. All week they have been completing activities for each of these topics in an Egyptian Achievements packet. Friday was the last day to have class time to complete the activities, any remaining work will need to be completed over the weekend for Monday. Below is the link to the Weebly site which has the readings and website links.

Egypt Achievement Stations

The quiz that was scheduled for Friday 10/28 was moved back to Tuesday 11/1.
Below is a link to the Quizlet flashcards.

Egypt Vocabulary

Have a great weekend!