Reworks for Scientific Method Test

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, we took a unit test for the scientific method.

Any student that scored less than an 80 can do the following to raise their grades:

1). Watch the Brainpop videos for both the Scientific Method AND Graphing.

2). Take the quizzes for both videos.

3). Do one worksheet for both videos — found under the activities tab.

All of the kids know their Brainpop usernames and passwords. If your child has forgotten theirs, it should match their Google usernames and passwords, which are written on the password page of their agenda.

All of this work can be submitted directly in Brainpop.

A few details:

  • If your students don’t earn higher than an 80 on the Brainpop work, I will not raise their grades.
  • All of this work is due tomorrow. I will check it during Silent Reading.
  • Work completed after tomorrow will not be added to averages because first quarter grades are due at the end of the day.
  • Grades can ONLY be raised to an 80 as per the school’s rework policy.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter