Any Dads Interested in a Father/Son Reading Group?

Dear Dads,

One of the things that I’ve always been passionate about is modeling an interest in reading to the boys on our team. The simple truth is that interest in reading wanes as boys get older — and one of the reasons for that is that they don’t often see other men that they look up to reading regularly.

To address that, I’m tinkering with starting a Father/Son book club here at Salem.

Here are the details:

1). We’d read one book per quarter.
2). We’d meet during Spartan Time (8:15-8:45) on Fridays here at school.
3). There would be a set of chapters to read each week that we would discuss together on Fridays.
4). Dads would be encouraged to bring doughnuts to our weekly meetings because doughnuts with Dad on Fridays rules.
5). The only requirement would be to read the same book as the group and be willing to talk about it together!
6). Uncles, Grandpas and other mentors to boys are welcome to join, too.

Whaddya’ think? Sound like something you’d be interested in doing with your son? If so, fill out the form below. If we can get 10 Dads and Sons to join, we’ll do this!

And don’t worry, Moms and Dads of Daughters: If we can get this up and running and work out all the kinks, we’ll start a club for all y’all too!

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter

PS: The first title that we’re thinking about reading is Steelheart — and it’s AWESOME.