Sixth Grade Science Textbook Posted Online

Dear Parents,

Last night, many parents asked whether or not there was a textbook for science class. The answer to that is yes — but it’s not a textbook in the traditional sense of the word. Wake County decided to buy access for every student to a digital textbook instead of replacing our current paper textbooks.

I showed your students how to login today. Here are the details for you:

Username: wcp[studentid]

Password: [studentid]

Sample username: wcp8675309

Sample password: 8675309

We don’t use the textbook a ton in class simply because I don’t have enough devices for everyone to look at it. It is, however, organized by our units of study and full of a variety of content — text, videos, animations, and review quizzes. If you want your child to do extra studying or if your child is interested in going deeper into the topics that we study, it is a resource you might want to bookmark.

A link can also be found under "Web Tools" on our Gnomes Team website.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter