Do You Want to Receive Regular Summaries of Assignments that are Due and Grades that Have Been Earned?

Dear Parents,

One of the tools that I use all the time to share assignments and materials with students is Google Classroom.

This year, Google Classroom has introduced a feature that allows parents to receive daily or weekly summaries of the assignments that are due, the announcements that have been shared, and the grades that students have earned.

You can see a sample of this weekly summary here:

If you are interested in receiving these Guardian Summaries, please fill out the form below:

I will then enter your information in Google Classroom and send you an invitation that you will have to accept to receive the summaries.

My hope is that this feature will be really useful to you — but it’s brand new! If you sign up to receive updates, I hope you will keep me posted on whether or not you find them useful.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter