Did You Know that there is Science Homework Every Day?

Hey Parents,

Here’s an interesting question for you: Did you know that there is science homework every single day?

It’s nothing too complicated. In fact, it’s actually kind of fun! Your students have to be on the lookout through the day for something that they can wonder about. And then, they need to turn that curiosity into a daily wonder question. My goal is to get students into the habit of observing the world around them, finding interesting things to study, and using those interesting things as starting points for scientific studies.

That’s the essence of science: Observe, Wonder, Predict and Test.

I’ve started grading Daily Wonder Questions this week and noticed one pattern time and again: Students are writing one sentence questions. If they want to earn As, though, I expect to see two or three sentence questions.

Here are some samples of A level responses.

Now for a challenge: Start wondering in front of your kids.

Get in the habit of spotting things that interest you and that you don’t know anything about. Talk about those wonderings all the time. By showing your kids that you are curious, too, you will reinforce the notion that wondering is cool AND that not knowing is almost always the norm, rather than the exception to the rule. Better yet, by showing your kids that you are curious, you will have the starting point for a thousand great conversations at home!

Always wonder,

Bill Ferriter