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I thought I would catch parents up on a couple of things that have gone on in class this week.

First, I passed out a unit overview sheet today that may be interesting. Unit One is titled “Who Am I?”, so our reading and writing focus for the quarter will center around the idea of identity. There is a list of “I can” statements, or goals for the quarter, and a list of the vocabulary we will cover. This overview will hold us accountable for the material and skills we plan to tackle this quarter and also be a place where we can monitor our growth.

I also introduced the 40 Book Challenge to the students. We spent some time discussing what this may mean for individual students and how our goals for the 40 Book Challenge may vary depending on our current reading habits. I hope this challenge will serve as a launching off point and an incentive for our students to read more and really enjoy it. Helping my students find a love for reading is my hope and goal for the year!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ve had a great first week, and I hope the students have as well!

My best,

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts
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