EOG Test Scores Coming Home Today


Today, students received their End of Grade Test Scores in Math and Language Arts classes. Please ask for them this evening. The Percentile Score is how your student performed in relation to all of the students in North Carolina taking the End of Grade Test. It is pretty closely related to their percent number of correct test questions. We also gave the students a growth score, which is a comparison to their Predicted EOG Percentile for this school year. The Predicted EOG Percentile is calculated using trends from their previous EOG performance all the way back to 3rd grade. The growth score can be a + or – number with “0” meaning the student met the predicted growth percentile. Anything above “O” is additional growth above the predicted level of normal yearly growth. The final piece of data given to the students is the EOG level, which ranges from 1-5, with 4 and 5 being College and Career Ready.

Sorry if this explanation is confusing. These results will also be mailed to you in a few weeks with more explanation of the scores. If your student was absent or does not have Mr. Love for math, please email directly (alove@wcpss.net) and he can get you the EOG data.


Mr. Love and Ms. Barrow