Schedule of Events – Last Two Weeks of School

Dear Parents,

First, I have to tell you that I’m really bummed to be writing a post about "the last two weeks of school!" We have all really enjoyed your students this year and are going to miss them once they’ve moved on to seventh grade. Thanks for sharing such an intelligent, funny, kind and responsible group of kids with us. They have been the proverbial "pleasure to have in class!"

Second, we have started to nail down the schedule for the final two weeks of school. There are lots of special events on our calendar. If you are interested in seeing what is happening — and more importantly, when it is happening — here it is:

Schedule of Events – Last Two Weeks of School

Please know that there may be some changes to events on this calendar. While most of the dates and times are set, we might move a few of the smaller activities (kickball game, quiz bowl etc.) around depending on when spaces in our school are available.

A few remaining details:

Work Records Coming Home This Week: At the end of each quarter, we send work records home with your students. These records detail your child’s ability with things like coming to class prepared, participating in class, and turning in their work on time. Please look for these reports. In many ways, they are more important than your child’s grade. The simple truth is that middle school is all about developing positive work habits and independence in students. This report will tell you how your child is doing at those skills.

Grades Closed on Thursday: We’ve been working pretty frantically over the last two weeks to help your children with their averages. That’s because grades are due to the front office on Thursday, June 23rd. At that point, you can look up your child’s final grade in PowerSchool.

Parents Invited to our Honors Assembly: As always, you are all invited to our end of the year Honors Assembly. The date and time are posted in the schedule linked above. A reminder that if your child is receiving a special Teacher’s Choice or Kid of Character Award, we have notified you directly via email. If your child is receiving an Honor Roll certificate, however, we have not notified you directly. You can find that information in PowerSchool.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter