Ice Cream Sundae Reward and Signup

End of Grade Tests are completed for most students and Ms. Barrow and I would love to reward those students who completed every assignment and opportunity to review for the EOG’s. It is very admirable to have students who keep up with all tasks and make sure they do everything possible to be their best. For those students, we are offering an ice cream sundae social this upcoming Friday June 24th from 12:30-1:20. We will get the ice cream, if we can get some help with the other materials and toppings. Students will receive a ticket later this week that they can exchange for their sundae on Friday. We truly appreciate the help and donations we get from our parents. You are very generous to help us with these activities. Sometimes I feel bad because I only ask for candy, and now ice cream, to bribe the students. Sorry….

Please signup here:
Ice Cream Social Signup Genius


Adam Love