Science Update

Dear Parents,

First, I hope this update finds you well and happy and looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend at the pool! That’s where I’m going to be, at least. (As an aside, my family goes to the Scottish Hills pool — so if you are members, I’m looking forward to seeing you this summer! Be sure to come say hello.)

Second, here’s what’s happening in science:

Started our unit on energy: We finished our matter unit last week and moved into a study of light, sound and heat. We started that unit by focusing on heat simply because we spoke about heat concepts in our matter unit as well. Specifically, your students have done three different mini-labs on the way that heat moves through solids, liquids and gasses. That’s called conduction and convection — ask your kids about those terms at home. They should have a good understanding of how they both work.

Moving into light: Now that we’ve finished talking about conduction and convection, we are moving into a mini-study on light. I’ve chosen this order simply because light has connections to heat. So we will start with a mini-lab that gives kids chances to observe the impact that light has on heating things. That lab will be started today — and should be finished by Friday.

Papers Missing: Your students were supposed to turn in two mini-labs to me yesterday through Google Classroom. Very few actually turned that work in, though. Please check with your kids to see if their groups finished the writing part for their “Freeze Pop” lab and “Cup for a Cold Drink” lab. I’ll start grading them later this week, and if your child’s is missing, they will lose points for turning their work in late.

Check Your Child’s Grades: A reminder that we are about halfway through the quarter. You can check your child’s “interim” grade in PowerSchools. If you don’t have an account, your child does — have them log in for you. Many grades are lower than usual — and there is extra credit available.

Paper Towels Needed: Thanks to everyone who sent in Windex, Clorox Wipes and Paper Towels already. Please know that we could still use more of all of those cleaning supplies — particularly paper towels!

Thanks again for sharing your kids with us. They are truly terrific.

Be well,
Bill Ferriter