Math Update

Today we began our next new unit covering 3-Dimensional Geometry. This is all very new to most math students so it may not be as easy to grasp as some other units. Vocabulary will be important in this unit as well as being detailed about proper procedures to calculate volume and surface area. Here are the topics for the week:

Monday: Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
Tuesday: Surface Area of Triangular Prisms
Wednesday: Surface Area of Square Pyramids
Thursday: Volume of Cube Figures and Rectangular Prisms
Friday: Review of Surface Area and Volume, SURFACE AREA QUIZ ON MONDAY!!!

Here is the link to the Unit Resource Site.

**End of Grade Testing will be here in a little over one month. If anyone is available to volunteer to proctor the exam we would greatly appreciate the help. Please click HERE if you can help proctor the EOG Test.

BTW…. thanks so much for the candy that has been sent in this past week. I really do appreciate your support.


Adam Love