Science Update

Dear Parents,

First, here’s to hoping this update finds you well and happy!

Second, here’s what’s happening in class:

Finishing up a study of density, mass and volume: Over the last week, we’ve been working to study density, mass and volume. These are all measurable properties of matter and are used by scientists to study unknown substances. Your students have two papers due on Friday: the Get in the Game Density activity and the Identifying a Colorless, Odorless Liquid lab.

They have had plenty of class time to work on these tasks — so it is possible that your child has finished all of the required work here at school. You might want to check their work, however, to be sure that what they have completed looks like quality work.

Practice Quiz on density, mass and volume live on Socrative now: Today in class, we took a practice quiz on density, mass and volume. It is an important quiz because it is a reflection of the kinds of questions that your students will see on the unit test next week. I’ve turned the quiz on again — so if your students want to take it a second time for review and extra practice, they are welcome to. (I’d encourage every student to work through it a second time.)

Starting a study of mixtures, compounds and solubility: We have one concept left to review in class — the differences between mixtures and compounds and solubility. We will be starting that study tomorrow in class. When we are finished with that concept, students will get a study guide for our unit test.

Unit test end of next week: Our unit test on matter will happen at the end of next week. We will be reviewing in class. There will also be review opportunities that students can complete on the web. The overview sheet for this unit is linked below. Feel free to quiz your kids on the concepts covered on the overview sheet. They are the things we’ve been talking about over the past few weeks.

Brainpop is a useful review tool: As a reminder, all students have a username and a password for Brainpop — an online service that provides short tutorials about almost every topic in our curriculum. If you want your child to do extra work, encourage them to sit down and work through some of the following tutorials: Atoms, States of Matter, Matter Changing States, Measuring Matter.

Hope this all helps, Bill Ferriter