Would You Consider Donating a Micro SD Card?

Dear Parents,

I’m not sure if you know it or not, but over the past year, I’ve invested in about 12 small computers for my classroom.

They’ve come in really handy over the year — your students have used them just this month in science, social studies and language arts class. Having them makes it easier for our students to work on tasks and to do research, given that the few computer labs our school does have are often booked solid by other teachers and teams.

I’m trying to upgrade those machines with a little more memory and I was wondering if you would be willing to help.

Each machine has the capacity for a Micro SD card like this:


If you happen to have an old Micro SD card laying around the house — maybe collecting dust in an old digital camera or phone that you aren’t using anymore — or if you are willing to pick one up either from Amazon or another vendor, I’d LOVE to have it.

I’m not super concerned about storage capacity, although 16 GB or higher would be great.

Thanks for considering this. I know it is an unusual request, but the storage on the computers that I bought is small and upgrading it will make the machines more useful for our students.

Bill Ferriter