Science Update – Extra Credit Due Tomorrow

Dear Parents,

Here’s a quick science update:

Grades Entered: Over the past two weeks, students have turned in a bunch of summative tasks and have taken a unit test on ecosystems. All of those tasks have been graded and entered in student averages. Please check PowerSchools to see how your son/daughter is doing.

Extra Credit Due Tomorrow: As always, I’ve given your students a TON of different opportunities to raise scores that they are unhappy with. These tasks include everything from completing unit overview sheets to completing Brainpop activities on concepts that they struggled with. We’ve talked about these opportunities at length in class and students have had time to start most of them here at school. I will be setting aside time in class tomorrow to check any extra credit that students have completed. If you are unhappy with your child’s average, ask them how much extra credit they have completed.

Extra Credit Must be Good: One of the problems that I often have when giving students chances to raise their grades with extra credit is that the work they complete to raise their scores is often rushed and/or really poorly done. As I mention to your students, the goal of extra credit is to prove that they’ve mastered concepts that they’ve struggled with. If you are checking your child’s extra credit at home, please remind them that only quality work will earn extra points on a student’s average.

Finished Ecosystems Unit: Yesterday in class, we wrapped up our study of ecosystems. Students reviewed both their tests and their unit overview sheets to spot places where they have learned new concepts and/or made fantastic growth. Please ask your students about this. They were pretty proud of themselves yesterday because they saw evidence that they are learners too.

Starting Matter Unit: Today in class, we will begin a unit on Matter. Specifically, this unit asks students to determine just what matter is and to learn to identify matter by it’s measurable properties.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter