Science Update / Grades Entered / Corrections Possible

Dear Parents,

Just a quick science update:

We are coming to the end of our ecosystems unit. Students will have a test on Monday or Tuesday of next week. We will be studying in class today and tomorrow. Students will have a study guide that they can use to prepare for the test. There are also Brainpop videos and games for almost every concept in our unit.

Energy pyramid summative grades were entered today. I was actually surprised by the scores earned by many students. They were lower than expected, given the time we spent working on this task in class. If your child earned a low grade, they can do corrections to raise their scores. Correction directions are posted in Google Classroom. If your child doesn’t have access to the Internet or a computer at home, they can complete this work during Spartan Time or during lunch in my classroom with my devices.

Students can always use Brainpop to raise low scores. Last week in class, I introduced students to several different ways that they can use Brainpop to raise low scores in their averages. They can watch videos, do handouts, take quizzes, play games, and create concept maps on any topic that they’ve earned a low score on in class. The more work a student does — and the more accurate that work is when completed — the more points I am willing to add to a low grade. This work can all be done during Spartan Time as well.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter