Math Update


Welcome to the Third Quarter! In math class, this quarter will involve topics such as Ratios, Unit Rates, Proportions, Percent Applications, and 2-Dimensional Geometry. Specifically, here are the topics for this week:

Tuesday: Ratios and Unit Rates
Wednesday: Ratio Tables
Thursday: Better Buy / Unit Rates
Friday: Double Number Lines
Saturday: Quiz on Ratios and Rates

Here is the link to the Unit Resources Site

Half way through this school year I would to remind students and parents of the importance of ambition and resiliency. My expectations for the students will grow in relation to their academic growth in the classroom. Please communicate with your child the importance of staying focused and present in the classroom. In addition, making corrections on assessments and peer tutoring are important pieces to overcoming difficult topics and being successful in the math classroom. Enrichment activities are available for each unit of study and tutorial videos are available with guided notes on nearly every math lesson covered in class. All of these can be found on the Unit Resource Site. We also receive monthly math magazines that show the real world application and relevance of the concepts we are learning this year. The articles relate to current topics and trends that are popular with middle school students. Finally, the online game Prodigy will continue to be a practice resource that students should utilize in replacement of traditional math homework. I update the game with each new unit so students will have appropriate practice material.

I look forward to a renewed effort as we move into the second half of the year.


Adam Love