Social Studies Update

Hello all,

Sorry, no SS Update video today. I did just record one, but it has lost in the YouTube ether. It really didn’t have loads of new information, so I will recreate it in text.

This Thursday we began a project called Roman City Builder. The first step was to begin watching a video dealing with the creation of a typical Roman town during the Pax Romana. We are about a third through the video and will complete it on Tuesday of next week. From there we will begin the design part of the challenge. I have attached the instructions below.

On Thursday we took a pause from Roman learning and competed in the first round of the National Geographic GeoBee. We now have four class winners that will compete in a tie breaker next Tuesday at lunch to determine who will represent the Gnomes in the school GeoBee, which takes place in January.

Get out and enjoy the weather this weekend and let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Hutchinson