Math Update

In math class we are moving into the final unit of the quarter covering Equations and Inequalities. More specifically, we will be working with the laws of algebra to solve for the unknown variable in a variety of mathematical situations. Here are the topics for the week:

Monday: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

Tuesday: Solutions to Equations and Inequalities

Wednesday: Writing and Translating Equations

Thursday: Solving 1-step Equations and Inequalities

Friday: Solving Equations with Decimals

Here is the link to the Unit Resources Site

*There will be one quiz next Tuesday (12/8) and a Unit Test the following week on Wednesday and Thursday (12/16 and 12/17). Next week’s quiz will be the last math assessment grade for the quarter. The unit test the following week will count towards 3rd quarter grading.

*The grade cutoff for second quarter grading will be next Friday (12/11). All grades after that date will count towards 3rd quarter grading. Today in class I handed back the unit test on Algebraic Properties and Expressions. Any students needing to do corrections MUST be completed by Friday Dec. 11th.

*Our 2nd quarter Honor’s Assembly is tentatively scheduled for Friday Dec. 18th from 9:45-10:45. That Friday is an Early Release Day and track-out day for 6-4 students and the final school day before the holidays.


Adam Love