Math Update


Today in class I made sure every student left with a Study Guide for the upcoming Unit Test next Tuesday. With only two days of school next week (Monday and Tuesday), here are the plans for math class:

Monday – Review Algebraic Expressions Unit, Check Study Guide
Tuesday – Unit Test on Algebraic Expressions

I understand some families may be leaving early for the holiday break. If students are not in school on Tuesday they have the option to take the test early on Monday or wait until they return the following week. Either is OK with me.

Here are the links for the Kahoot games we played in class this week (great for review, studying):

Translating Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressions Quiz

Combine Like Terms and Distribute

Simplifying Like Terms

Simplifying Expressions

Math Properties

Here is the link for the Unit Resources Site which includes tutorial videos, print resources, and online games to play for studying and review.


Adam Love