Math Update

Topics for the Week:

Monday: Integers and Absolute Value (computer lab)
Tuesday: Integers and Absolute Value (computer lab)
Wednesday: Rational Numbers
Thursday: Fraction, Decimal, Percent
Friday: QUIZ on Absolute Value and Comparing and Ordering Integers

Here is the link to the Unit Resources Page: Integers and Rational Numbers

Also, today and tomorrow I will be introducing the students to an online math game called Prodigy.

Use this code to join my class: LD96FJ

Prodigy is a math game that will take the place of homework in my classroom. You are always welcome to play Prodigy any time for extra practice at home or in Spartan Time. I have assigned activities to pop up in the game that are associated to what we are learning about Integers and Rational Numbers. After those activities are completed, the game will continue with 6th grade math content to practice and review. The game will individualize itself to you and help you practice the skills that need the most work. Have fun battling wizards, collecting pets and spells, and practicing math!!!! Prodigy can be played from any device at any time (even offline). Look for the app or the chrome extension or just go to the site:


Adam Love