Science Update

Dear Parents,

Hope this email finds you well and happy and looking forward to the end of the first quarter!

Here’s what’s happening in science:

Study of the Lithosphere Continues: We are continuing to study the lithosphere (the crust and the top layer of the mantle) in class. The objectives that your children are expected to master are embedded below. We’ve been working on a few basic concepts in class this week. Specifically, we’ve been looking at how movement of material in the mantle results in the shifting of tectonic plates on the earth’s surface. We are also looking at how that shifting results in things like earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains on the surface of the earth. What makes this work interesting to your students is that it connects to density — a concept that we studied earlier this year. I think your kids like that there are connections between concepts.

Supermoon Eclipse on Sunday: A supermoon lunar eclipse — a pretty neat event that happens once every 15-30 years — will happen on Sunday night starting around 9 PM EST and reaching full peak by 10:47 PM. I’ve been encouraging your students to watch the eclipse for at least a little while. Not only will it be a memorable opportunity for you to share science with your children, we study eclipses during our unit on the solar system! You can learn more about the eclipse here.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter