LA Update

Happy Friday!

Next week, we will be wrapping up Seedfolks and beginning our next writing assignment. Students will be writing the next chapter of Seedfolks, Chapter 14, as though they are a part of the garden. This is a writing assignment that allows students to be totally creative and share their voice in a really unique way. I’m excited to get them rolling on it! It will likely be due at the end of the following week.

There will be a couple of assessments next week as we wrap up the novel. There will be a quick fiction terms quiz on Wednesday, a vocabulary quiz on Thursday, and an open book assessment on Friday on the fiction characteristics in the novel. While this may sound overwhelming, the fiction terms quiz is a simple matching check-up to help prepare students for the larger assessment on Friday. Also, we will use Tuesday of next week as a catch-up day. Students will be allowed to use the day to catch up on missing work, compare notes on Seedfolks and study for the upcoming assessments. Students, don’t forget, I have posted many videos and mini-lessons for the fiction terms on my wiki, and Brain Pop is an excellent place to review these as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts