Google Drive Accounts Given Out Today

Dear Parents,

Today, your students learned how to log into their WCPSS Google Drive accounts using their WCPSS email addresses.

This is a SUPER useful development simply because it means your children can create, store and share content through the Internet instead of having to carry jump drives around.

The easiest way to sign in to WCPSS Google Docs accounts is to visit the Gnomes Website and select “Google Drive Login” from under the “Web Tools” menu at the top of the screen.

We also enrolled your kids in a Google Classroom for science class.

That is where they will be able to find, copy, complete and submit digital copies of any handouts that we are using in class. While there will always be paper versions available in class, students who prefer to work with digital copies of documents — or that lose the paper copies of whatever docs have been handed out — will be able to access them from one place at one time.

Please ask your students about their accounts — and encourage them to use them for any work that they are completing at school.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter