Science World Subscription Update

Dear Parents,

As I mentioned earlier this week, we are working to collect enough money to purchase a set of Science World magazines for our classroom this year. What I love about Science World magazines is that they are sources of high interest nonfiction readings that are connected directly to our curriculum. Showing students that nonfiction reading can be interesting is incredibly important!

I also wanted you to know that Mr. Love and I have decided to divide whatever money we collect and buy subscriptions for a similar math-based magazine as well. Our goal is to expose students to interesting reading outside of the language arts class — and more importantly, in classes where high interest reading is hard to find!

We’ve gotten off to a great start towards our goal of raising enough money for 40 subscriptions, but we are still about 15 subscriptions short. If you are interested in helping, you can find more details and an order form here:

Thanks in advance,
Bill Ferriter