Gnome Geography Data

Hello Gnome Parents and Students,

Today in class we started working with Gnome Geography Data and used that data to build a couple of graphs. Students are still working in class on those graphs but I thought I would introduce what we were doing to parents and link our data here so students could work at home if they need extra time. I created a short video explanation for what we have been doing in class, feel free to take a look.

To help review the parts of a graph I used a website, created by the National Center for Education Statistics, that students are welcome to use to help them create professional looking graphs.

Students are required to create two final graphs, one bar graph showing Gnome Birth Locations and one line graph showing the year Gnome students moved to the Triangle area. They get to decide how to group their data, they can show just one class, combine the data or work over a five year span. Below you will find the data sheets for this school year as well as the sheets for the last four.

If you have any questions please let me know. This assignment will most likely be due next Monday.

J. Michael Hutchinson
6th Grade Social Studies
Salem Middle School
NBCT 2003

Personal Geography of the Gnomes Team 2011-12.docx

Personal Geography of the Gnomes Team 2012-13.docx

Personal Geography of the Gnomes Team 2013-2014.docx

Personal Geography of the Gnomes Team 2014-15.docx

Personal Geography of the Gnomes Team 2015-16.docx