Science Lab Supplies Needed

Dear Parents,

Next week in class, we will be starting our first science lab. It is designed to introduce kids to the steps scientists take when testing a theory. Specifically, we will be studying the characteristics of the most absorbent paper towels.

To pull the lab off, we are going to need as many rolls of paper towels as we can get our hands on.

If you are willing to help us out and send in a new, unopened roll of paper towels, it would be MUCH appreciated! Any brand works — in fact, the greater variety that we have in brands, the better our testing will be.

Thanks in advance for supporting us. While I love doing hands on activities in class, they are impossible without your support. We just don’t have enough money in the school budget to provide consumables for all of the different experiments that we do in class.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter