Week of June 8 thru 12th

Thank you core 2 and 4 almost all project were turned in on time.

We are 1 week away from taking the state End of Grade tests. This school year
we will be taking the Reading and Math tests only.

Please consider volunteering as a proctor during our testing days. Use this link
to volunteer.


In class we will be reviewing the terminology and vocabulary in order to
prepare for the exams.

In grammar: Greek & Latin words week 5 & 6

Students participating in the 40 Book challenge will have their last
meeting Friday June 12th, after school til 4:30

Homework this week are sample selections of previous End of Grade tests:

Monday: “How the butterfly Came to Be”
Tuesday: Bird of Dream
Wednesday: Letter to the Editor
Thursday: Use Quizlet.com/69211687/ to study
Greek/Latin Root words week 5 & 6

On an added note: Students will not be able to use electronics devices
after they have completed exams. Bring a book to read.

Have a wonderful week.

Ms. Mercado Chico