Thursday Schedule Update and Math Unit Link

Hello all,

We have modified tomorrow’s schedule a little to allow for a movie at the end of the day. We will be watching Mulan, if everything goes smoothly. It directly ties into the Social Studies curriculum since our students are now studying China. Here is the schedule:

1st core 8:15-9:15
2nd core 9:20-10:20
3rd core 10:25-11:10
Lunch 11:10-11:40
3rd core 11:45-12:00
4th core 12:05-1:05
Spartan Time 1:10-1:30
Movie (Mulan) 1:30-3:00

In math class, students just completed the unit test on Volume and Surface Area. We are moving on to the final unit of the year covering Data and Statistics. Here is the link to the unit resources:


Adam Love