Social Studies Extra Credit Opportunity

Hello all,

Recently we have been talking about the geography of China and yesterday we took a short skills quiz based on our learning. Many students did poorly, mainly due to their latitude and longitude questions. Quite a few students mixed up the latitude for the longitude and had their answers backwards.

So I put together a short extra credit assignment that students can complete and then hopefully raise their scores.

The first thing I would like students to do is complete the reading and practice on this latitude and longitude website. Students will need to read lessons one, two and three and then click the spinning globe at the end of lesson three. That will take them to a practice that they can complete.

Once they are finished with the online tutorial they can see me at Spartan Time or Working Lunch to receive another version of the skills practice quiz. I hope the second time around the score will be higher.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Mr. Hutchinson